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Directions - Best access year around is from Hurd Field (behind Trader Joes) via Drake Road off Massachusetts Avenue.  The beach parking lot on Lowell Street is also open all year (near the intersection with Westmorland Rd).  Via the Minuteman bikeway one can also enter through Hurd Field (this is a little past the Park Avenue Bridge and Arlington Coal and Lumber).  See also the maps page for more possibilities.

Tree Removal Proposal for 19 Rindge - Plan for work next to the Res at 19 Rindge Ave (3/7/2008) - 2MB PDF file.

Tree Planting Plan - Plan for new tree planting at the Res (1/8/2007)

Dam Project Handout - Summary report of the Res Dam Project (6/9/2006)

Reservoir Management Plan - Version April 2004 in PDF format (1/27/05)

Arlington Stormwater Management Plan - Version Feb 2004 in PDF format (3/15/04)

Tour of the Res - Version 2 in PDF format (7/25/03)

Reservoir Maps - Collection of Reservoir maps and aerial photos (a basic resource).

Fall Birding at the Res by Elizabeth Karpati (9/30/04)  

In Defense of Trees by Oakes Plimpton, a 5 MB PDF file (12/1/03)  

Fall Birding in Arlington by Elizabeth Karpati (9/29/03)  

Arlington Advocate Article about the Geese Patrol  (8/21/03)  

Globe Article about Res Geese in PDF format (7/27/03)  

Natural History of Canada Geese (7/30/03)  

Report on Water Chestnut Harvesting in PDF format (2/19/03)  

Globe Article about Student Art Program (2/13/03)  

Goose Control at the Beach (7/22/02)  

Reservoir Goals Approved (5/7/02)  

Busa Farm Development Threat (5/6/02)

Mill Brook Walk 2/24/02  (2 MB PDF File)  

Public Meeting Materials  - Public Meeting May 2001.

Reservoir History  - A timeline of the Reservoir (5/22/01).

Dam Project Postponed  - Arlington Advocate 4/19/01.

DPW Reservoir Project Update  (3/9/01).

Town seeks Border Collie for geese herding  (2/27/01).

Test wells approved by Conservation Commission  (1/18/01).

DPW Plan  - Arlington Advocate 1/4/01.

Res Faces Uncertain Future  - Arlington Advocate 11/30/00.

Dam Options  -  Dam options compared - PDF file (11/6/00)

Major Issues  -  Thoughts from the webmaster about the key Res issues (11/4/00)

Recommended Clearing Zone Map and Letter to DEM (9/15/00).

Mill Brook Flood History  - Historic floods along Mill Brook  (10/31/00)

Water Chestnuts Partially Harvested  (9/1/00) 

Watershed Construction in Lexington  - Munroe Brook Floodplain construction (7/18/00). 

Consultant Departs  - The consultant hired by the town to develop plans for the Reservoir died suddenly of a heart attack this summer.  A new consultant has been hired and investigations proceed. 

Dam Break  - Report of the dam break of June 19, 2000. 

Full Consultant's Report - The February 2000 report is now on this site.  For a quick read see the Options Summary.  There is also a version available in MS Word format (ResRpt.Doc).  

Consultants Report Summary   - Report of the public meeting on January 20, 2000 

Census Survey  - Short Res survey being mailed with the town census.  (12/27/99)

Citizen Survey  - How people feel and think about the Res.  (11/1/99)

Bird Walk Reports  - Oct 2 & Oct 10

Arlington Advocate article on the Reservoir - Commentary on the current situation and options.  (6/17/99)

Birding at the Reservoir - List of birds and birders.  (4/22/99)

DEM Report on the Reservoir - Why the dam may be at risk.  (6/25/98)

Arlington's Great Meadows (just upstream of the Res):

Great Meadows Report  -  Resource Inventory and Stewardship Plan (2001).

Great Meadows article from the Advocate  - Report on the open meeting to discuss the Arlington Great Meadows.  (12/9/99)

Great Meadows Questionnaire  - Great Meadows priorities.  (12/1/99)


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