May 18, 2010 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Cathy Garnett, Martine Gougault, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Matthew Paquin, David White.
Facilitator:  Jane Howard Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati

Next meeting:  TBA.

Vandalism at the Res:
. Trash cans have been overturned, broken bottles at the new spillway, porta-potty tipped over.  Leslie has reported it to the police; they will have the new PACE (Pro-Active Community Enforcement) team pay more attention to the Res, and the porta-potty has been moved to the bikepath.
. Cathy suggested that there is usually less dumping where there are no trash barrels.  But dumping of household trash hasn't been a problem, and barrels are needed so that responsible people can dispose of incidental trash properly; just don't put them where they are more likely to be vandalized, e.g at the spillway.

Plans for Habitat Garden:
. Proposed location: the two triangles on either side of the new spillway.  But would the plantings be trampled?  The former stump dump could be used; it is sunny enough, per Cathy, but at least some of the area is apparently used by kids for games.   There is also the triangle next to the bulletin board at the parking lot, but that has Japanese knotweed in it.   We should probably check for patterns of trampling before deciding.
. We decided to do a walk-through at the site on Sunday, May 23 at 8:15 a.m.
. Where to get plants:  Try to get the "bones" of the garden from wholesale nurseries; try the New England Wildflower Society (Martine has connections); ask for donations.


In attendance:

. We looked at the area around the new spillway and at the old stump dump, and agreed that a part of the latter, away from the area favored by the kids, could be used along with the triangles flanking the spillway
. A couple of benches, or large rocks suitable for sitting on, flanking the bridge over the spillway and overlooking the Res would be a desirable addition.
. Once the habitat garden is planted, it would need maintenance to keep it from being overrun by weeds, so a group of "Friends" would need to be established.