October 24, 2007 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati,  Leslie Mayer, David White. Facilitator:  Leslie Mayer.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati
Next meeting:  Saturday, December 1, 2007, 9:30 a.m., Reservoir parking lot  (walk-through).

        Tree planting:  Cathy Garnett has split the tree list into two parts, for fall and spring planting.  Fall planting is to begin next week.
        The idea of paving the path around the Res is on hold if not dead, due to unanticipated costs of the Buzzell Field renovation.
        The Res parking lot has been open for some time now and there has been no sign of the dumping that was feared.  This suggests that the ugly fence around the lot could be removed.
        The schedule of cross-country runs that use the path will be posted at the beach.
        Some graffiti appeared on the back of the recently installed bulletin board but they were removed by the Workplace students.  Other projects could be proposed for them (forward any ideas to Leslie).
        We want to know the results of the testing that Gerry Smith did on the Town's water bodies but have not yet been able to get them from the DPW.  David White noted that the Con Com wants the results too.
        Jim Marzilli is going to the Governor for help in getting the home rule petition for our water bodies fund approved.  Supporting letters from the Town Manager and some departments will be needed.  If the Legislature still fails to act, Town Meeting will have to re-vote the warrant article and submit it to the State again.
        Our next meeting will be a walk-through to view the trees that will have been planted and review plans for the location of the habitat garden.


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