February 28, 2007 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Martine Gougault, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White. Facilitator:  Leslie Mayer.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati
Next meetings:  7:30 p.m. March 21, 2007,  Town Hall Annex, First Floor.
Public meeting/exhibit about Reservoir plantings Monday, April 9, Arlington Center for the Arts.
        Census survey sign-ups:  There were 16 so far for the Res; Leslie e-mailed them (Martine came as a result) and sent the names to David to be added to the e-mail group. 
        There are 3334 survey responses so far, a return rate of 18%.  Some 3100 have already been tallied by the software.  Leslie noted that compared to a survey from several years ago there is more support now for a swimming pool, but people still want to keep the Res beach.
        The problem of goose droppings at the Res has improved;  using a goose-chasing dog has helped.  Volunteers who addled goose eggs at Spy Pond would be willing to do the same at the Res.  Leslie will ask them.
        Landscape plan: Leslie will call Cathy Garnett to confirm the April 9 date for the presentation.
        Bill O'Rourke has been working with Cathy to get the plan into the computer and with DPW (Theresa deBenedictis) to get quotes on trees to be planted at the Res.
        Newly planted trees need to be watered.  Can the Town do it - does it have a water truck?  Could be done with Res water but water level will not be raised until some time after planting.
        The "Tour of the Res" booklet needs updating; to be done after plantings are in place.
        Accomplishments to be added to revised Open Space Plan:  Removal of stump dump. Year-round parking starting this year.  Family passes created. Volleyball net added 2005.
        Problems:  Leslie saw an SUV that had managed to drive around the boulders and park beyond the parking area.  She has notified DPW and asked them to move the boulders to block off-limits areas completely.
        Martine brought up a bad problem with invasives, especially burning bush, in the treed area between Busa Farm and the playground. If invasives are removed, the area needs monitoring for what comes up instead.  Start with a spring inspection of the area:  Thursday, April 19, meet in the parking lot at 10 a.m.
        David reported that the Lexington Con Com has sent the letter to abutters reminding them what they can and cannot do (e.g. no cutting of vegetation on shore to improve their view).
        April meeting possibly on the 24th, depending on the availability of Cathy Garnett.  Topics to include plans for the habitat garden. 


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