January 23, 2007 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White.
Facilitator:  Leslie Mayer.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati
Next meetings:  7:30 p.m. Wed. Feb. 28 and March 21, 2007,  Town Hall Annex, First Floor.
Public meeting/exhibit about Reservoir plantings Monday, April 9, Arlington Center for the Arts.
Reservoir plantings:             
        Leslie to confirm date/place/time of April 9 event, and support needed, with Cathy Garnett.
        Event could be combined with Land Stewards meeting.  David to check this with Cathy.
        Plants will need to be ordered fairly soon by DPW.  Whether planting will be done by DPW or contracted out is uncertain. Theresa DeBenedictis and Jim Dodge have both seen the planting plan.
        The educational garden still needs to be designed.  A meeting with Cathy was suggested for April 24 if she is available.  The Garden Club should be involved if they are interested;  they should be invited to the April 9 event.
Other matters:
        Letter to Lexington abutters:  David has forwarded the draft to the Lexington Con Com and will check where they stand with it.
        Ed Boudrot sent an e-mail recently about having cut "strangling vines" at the Res (apparently bittersweet), and someone replied.  Such activities should be checked with the Con Com beforehand  (which one - Arlington, Lexington, or both?)  Leslie will reply to the e-mails on the
Res list.
        We need a long-range maintenance plan for controlling invasives.  In addition to the Con Com(s), permission of the landowner is also needed for pruning, invasives removal, and application of herbicides to stumps of invasives.
        Ed's e-mail also mentioned a discarded engine block where Munroe Brook enters the Res.  This should be removed as part of the next cleanup.  When should that be scheduled - spring or fall 2007?
        There will be a public meeting on February 12 for input to the Open Space Plan which is being revised this year. 
        At the next Res meeting we should compile a list of all accomplishments at the Res in the last five years, for inclusion in the revised plan.  Some items to mention:   in addition to the dam reinforcement, we have a planting plan and a new bulletin board and have done several cleanups.

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