December 13, 2006 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Cathy Garnett, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, David White.
Facilitator:  Jane Howard.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati.
 Meeting held at the Arlington Center for the Arts
Next meeting:  TBA
        The meeting was held in the Center's Tufts Street Gallery, where Cathy's exhibit, titled  "The Arlington Reservoir:  A Visual Journal of the Tree Replacement Project" is on display.  It includes her paintings and a map of the proposed plantings.  The exhibit can stay up until January 5; it may then be moved to the Jefferson Cutter House.
Proposed spring event (April?)
        Description and discussion of the planting project and some additional features:  overview of plants already there, what birds can be found at the Res, the importance of native plants, and what plants attract birds. Possible resource people in Arlington include Karsten Hartel (birds), Jim Marzilli (native plants), Gerry Kaye (plants for birds).  A well-known speaker from outside, e.g. Habitat or Mass. Audubon, could be asked.
        The program could include something about the history of and recreation at the Res (Leslie Mayer, perhaps Ellen Reed).
        Arlington Center for the Arts would do the publicity.  If information is available early enough, it could also be advertised in the Spy Pond Committee's fertilizer flyer, which probably needs to be printed by March 6.
        The event should be mentioned in the new Open Space Plan now being written (due August 2007).
        Possible date: week before the Town election on April 14.

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