October 25, 2006 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Cathy Garnett, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White.  Facilitator:  Leslie Mayer.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati
Next meeting:  Wed. Dec. 13, at Arlington Center for the Arts (details below).
        The workday on  Sept. 30 was successful.  We worked in the area from the playground to Munroe Brook, spreading woodchips on the path and picking up trash. DPW picked up the trash and some construction debris found in the woods near the playground, but a few days  later someone dumped more construction debris, in barrels; someone called DPW which picked it up, though it was over the Lexington line
        Students from the high school's "Workplace" program have installed the bulletin board made by Andrew Fischer near the parking lot.
        The swing gate between the parking lot and the path is open. Leslie will ask DPW to keep it closed and to put a trash barrel in the area.
        Some abutters in Lexington opposite the beach have cut shrubs along the shore of the Res, on Arlington property, to provide themselves with a view.  They should be sent a letter of rebuke, jointly by the Con Coms of both towns. David will draft it.  The Town Manager thinks the matter may even be actionable, i.e., they may be required to replace the plants.
        Sandbags placed by DPW at the mouth of the new spillway to lessen flooding in Colonial Village in a recent storm and keep gravel from being washed out of the spillway are now scattered.  The storm caused some erosion in the steep path beside the spillway. But after DPW painted over the graffiti on the spillway walls, no new ones have appeared.

        There will be a meeting on November 6 of park user and "Friends of" groups, sponsored by the Open Space Committee, on common issues an the role of such groups.  DPW does a lot of maintenance on active recreation areas (playing fields); it is less clear what it does for passive recreation areas.  Does the Res need a nonprofit "Friends of" group?
        Harriet Noyes has a photo exhibit in November-December in Cambridge off Brattle Street.
        The next meeting will be held in conjunction with Cathy Garnett's exhibit on native plantings to attract birds at the Arlington Center for the Arts, 41 Foster Street.  The date is December 13: refreshments at 7 p.m., meeting at 7:30.  The Spy Pond Committee and Menotomy Bird Club should be invited.