September 18, 2006 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Cathy Garnett, Brian Hasbrouck, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer. Facilitator: Leslie Mayer.  Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati

Next meeting: 7:30 p.m. Wed. Oct. 25, 2006, Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room.

Planting plan:
The plan, approved by the Con Com, was displayed at Town Day and will be put in the Library. Cathy is adjusting final details.
Planting will be done in the spring since many native species are “fall hazards.” Cathy will talk to John Sanchez about ordering the trees early enough.
Trees should not be planted where Japanese knotweed now grows – it would choke the trees. FoAGM did a study on how to fight it and found that the most effective way (for poison ivy too) is to cut it and inject the stump with “Roundup.”

Cleanup, etc.
Work day will be Saturday, Sept. 30, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. DPW will provide wood chips to spread on the path.
The high school “Workplace” group will remove the goose fence from the berm soon and will install the bulletin board made by Andrew Fischer.
The water has been lowered, so the gates to the beach area are open. DPW is leaving the parking lot open on a trial basis.
The Boston Globe has reported that as part of the “Safe Routes to Schools” initiative, Lexington will build a sidewalk on Lowell Street by November 2007.
There will be a fund-raising run around the Res on Sunday, Oct. 29 starting at 9 am.

The July 31 meeting was a walk-through at the Reservoir where Cathy Garnett pointed out the sites for the planned plantings; no minutes were taken.
Chuck Tirone of the Con Com has started putting up the signs around the Town’s water bodies about cleaning boats to keep from introducing invasive plants.
Jane distributed flyers about two upcoming events sponsored by the Spy Pond Committee: invasive water plants identification on Sept. 27 and a talk by “green” architect Bill Reed on Oct. 3.
Someone living near Rindge Park has been clearing brush in front of his house, in Lexington but on Arlington-owned land. The Con Coms of the two towns should send a joint letter to all abutters informing them about what the wetland protection laws do and don’t allow.
The booklet about the Res needs significant updating, but this should probably be done after the plantings are completed next spring. We have an anonymous donation for plantings (in addition to the required replacement trees) to benefit wildlife. Topics for future meetings.
Maintenance: Ann and Leslie discussed this problem with Clarissa Rowe. Money is appropriated for capital projects but not for maintenance afterwards. DPW is short of staff, but there may be union issues if money is found somewhere (e.g. from a Friends group) to hire an outside landscaper. Clarissa will bring this problem before the Selectmen. There are plans for a meeting of Friends groups, moderated by Clarissa, about how Friends and the DPW can cooperate on maintenance.
The next census survey will be on the general topic of use of space in the town, so it could include questions about maintenance. Questions are needed by mid-October.


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