June 22, 2006 - Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Cathy Garnett, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White.
Facilitator: Leslie Mayer Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati

Next meeting: Walk around the Res, 6 p.m. Monday, July 31. Meet in parking lot.

David White reported finding some weeds of the genus “Naiad” in the Res. Gerry Smith of Aquatic Technologies found some in September 2004 but did not state which species (at least one, Naiad minor, is exotic). The Con Com should ask Gerry Smith to monitor this weed. This could be the first activity under the newly authorized fund for monitoring and maintenance of water bodies. Sources of Res water, in Lexington and Reed’s Brook, would need to be checked too.
Res dam dedication: David has scanned the leaflet distributed at the dedication into the Res website. The project got a second award:  Project of the Year from the American Public Works Association.
New Recreation Director: Jon Jalbert left May 31, Joe Connelly (former director) is coming back, starting July 17.
Beach opened June 17 but with limited hours because availability of students for lifeguard duty is limited until school ends. Normal hours will be 10 am to 8 pm.

Planting Plan:
Cathy’s plan has been OK’d by Parks & Rec and the Con Com. It includes 110 trees.
Bill O’Rourke of the Con Com offered to scan the plan into CAD.  A copy could be laminated and posted at the Res. Andrew Fischer has offered a new bulletin board.
Cathy has a plant list and will specify how many plants of what size to put in each location. There will be a variety of species to guard against a “wipeout” from some disease. Most plants will be native, but a few Kousa dogwoods will be added to complement the ones already there.
Any trees to replace the downed willows at the beach should be a longer-lived species.
Some trees should be positioned at the new spillway so as to channel foot and bike traffic away from sensitive areas. An educational garden with labeled plants could also be used for this purpose.
The plan calls for 3 of the trees to be planted on Lexington land (near that playground). Approval from the Lexington Con Com needs to be requested.
When the plan is presented to DPW we should ask it to remove fallen trees. The plan should be presented soon because bids take 6-8 weeks and planting should be done in late September to early October.