March 16, 2005  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Brian Hasbrouck, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Leslie Mayer, David White.
Facilitator:  Leslie Mayer                     Minutes: Elizabeth Karpati

Next meeting:  7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 13,  Selectmen’s Hearing Room.

Dam Project:
        The contract has been awarded, to the MIG Corp.  The work of reinforcing the dam and adding the new spillway can be done as one project and it will have minimal impact on the beach season.
        The work hasn’t started yet because of the weather.  When the construction schedule is available, it should be posted on the Town website.
        We need to get out information about the dam project – an information event, or posters and handouts to abutters, and an article in the Advocate (already written). Information should also be handed out at Town Meeting.
        DPW should have a water management plan and make it public.  This document could also explain where the water in Mill Brook comes from (Sickle Brook vs. the Res), i.e., that manipulating the Res alone cannot prevent all flooding.

        The work area will be closed off, but a spring cleanup could be done in the remaining area.  The Girl Scouts (ages 10-12) offered to participate in the “June 5” cleanup, but that was last year’s date.  A fall cleanup could be done instead.
        We should do a walk-around after construction is complete and see what’s needed – landscaping, bulb-planting?  By then a tree replacement plan should also be available.

Other matters:
        The Girl Scouts would like someone from the Res Committee to meet with them.
        John Jalbert has made a proposal to Park & Rec to increase beach fees to maintain revenues in spite of a drop in attendance.  This may reduce attendance still further; it has been dropping since 1998.  In 2004 a 5-day delay in opening the beach may have had an effect.
        Park & Rec will hold a public hearing on April 11 at 7 p.m. in the Senior Center on possible locations for dog runs (the ex-stump-dump is one of the locations being considered).  Bylaws now require dogs to be leashed except in fenced areas.  The Brookline plan of allowing dogs to run loose in certain parks at specified hours could be an alternative but would require a change in bylaws.
        The Census Survey returns show 21 people interested in the Res Committee.  They shoud get an e-mail invitation.  Perhaps follow-up calls should wait until there is something of particular interest that they can be invited to.
        What happens to the Res Committee once the dam project which brought it into being is complete?  It should continue to keep an eye on the Res but may not need monthly meetings.

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