October 19, 2004  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, Oakes Plimpton, David White.
The meeting was facilitated by Leslie  Mayer.  The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next meetings:   7:30 p.m.  Monday, November 22  (note change of date from Nov. 16).  7:30 p.m.  Wednesday, December 15.  Both meetings in Town Hall Annex first floor conference room.

September 29 meeting on dam project:
The meeting included John Sanchez (DPW), Mark Mitsch (Weston & Sampson), David White (Con Com) and Bryan Hasbrouck, Jane Howard, Leslie Mayer and Sharon Stafford from the committee.  Bryan took detailed notes and e-mailed them to the committee.
Much of the discussion dealt with needed permits and the design for the bridges over the emergency spillways:  they should be simple and unobtrusive while meeting safety and accessibility codes.
The plan is to go out to bid as soon as possible and do the construction in January to May 2005.  If it must be done in two phases, do the reinforcement first and the new spillway the next year.
The tree survey found that 55 trees over 5” diameter must come down to make room for the new emergency spillway near the Hurd Field bridge, plus 15 more for work in the “toe drain” area crossed by the side path along Cataldo Brook, where heavy seepage was observed when the Res was full.  
These trees need to be replaced, preferably by trees planted in the Res / Mill Brook area.  There will also be some damage to branches of remaining trees by the machinery used to pound the iron plates.
Leslie created an information sheet about the planned work, posted it at the Res, and handed out copies to the committee.

Other matters:
There will be a training session for Tree Stewards at the Harvard Forest in Petersham on Nov. 12-13.  Joey Glushko sent information by e-mail.
Students from the “Workplace” (alternative education program at the high school) took down the goose fence from the berm:  seven students did it in about two hours.
Weeds seen in the Res have been identified as a species called Naiad, i.e., the water chestnuts are gone (some were harvested in the summer of 2004).  The Naiad will need to be checked next summer to see if any control is necessary.
Possible areas for dog runs were discussed:  using the grassy area above the Res beach in the off-season has been suggested, but runoff would be a problem, and a Town bylaw prohibits dogs on the beach.
An article in the Arlington Advocate about upcoming work at the Res is needed before any trees come down.  Leslie plans to draft a guest column for the next (11/16) meeting.

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