September 21, 2004  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer. Facilitator: Gene Benson.  Minutes:  Elizabeth Karpati..

Next meetings:   Tuesday, October 19;  Tuesday, November 16;  Wednesday, December 15.     Oct. and Dec. in Town Hall Annex first floor conference room, Nov. in Jefferson Cutter House, lower level.

Town Day was successful, with good attendance.  Having a “one-stop shopping” table for information about the various Vision 2020 activities is helpful

Lowering of the water level was delayed by culvert work at Peirce Field.  The gates around the beach have just been opened.
There is a built-in problem with the playground.  Gates around the beach area must be kept closed in the summer to limit admission to tag holders.  With the playground in the beach area, people without tags are locked out of it in the summer.  But relocating the fence to exclude the playground would create an access problem for tag holders who want to use both the beach and the playground.
Water chestnuts have been seen in the Res, especially near the Rindge playground opposite the beach.  There are also other weeds, more visible now that the water is lower.  If they are milfoil, they could have been spread by the churning involved in water chestnut harvesting.  Leslie will e-mail David White of the Con Com to ask for an expert determination of what the weeds are, and whether anything should be done about them now rather than next year and whether any money is available.
Ann reported that some abutters on the Lexington side have been clearing brush on the water side of the path, apparently to improve their view of the Res.  On David White’s advice she notified the Lexington Con Com but has not had an answer yet.

Dam project:
The plan to reinforce the dam with steel plates instead of getting rid of the trees was approved by the Office of Dam Safety on September 17.
The Con Com wants to make sure that any trees removed, e.g. for the new overflow spillway, are replaced (this may have to be done somewhere other than at the Res).  The consultants have not yet specified what trees will have to be removed.
John Sanchez has asked for some representatives from the Res committee (just a few people, not the whole committee) to meet with him and the consultants soon about issues like the bridge over the overflow and tree replication. 
We need to keep in touch with DPW about the progress of the project.  We need a timeline (John Sanchez doesn’t have one yet), and abutters and users such as walkers and birdwatchers need to be notified.

Fall projects:
The snow fence on the berm, which has been put there for the last few summers for goose control, needs to be removed to provide access to the berm outside the swimming season, e.g. for birdwatching.  Removing just the ends of the fence would provide enough access and would require much less work.  Leslie will check whether students are available to do this as a service project.
Leslie will also ask if the cross-country team, which uses the Res path, would be willing to do a cleanup.