May 25, 2004  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Bryan Hasbrouck, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White. Facilitator: Gene Benson.  Minutes:  Elizabeth Karpati..

Next meetings:   7:30 p.m Tuesday, June 22, Town Hall Annex.

Dam project:
Town Meeting has approved the capital plan, which includes the funding for the dam work:  $1.6 million including previously approved funds.
We need to follow through with John Sanchez on several things such as:
making sure we see the final plans and a timetable; seeing that the stump dump area is not left a mess (we should now refer to it as the “former stump dump”);  getting repairs to the Hurd Field bridge included if possible.   We should write him a letter including a list of issues; Ann will do first draft.

Cleanup on Saturday June 5:
We decided to keep our cleanup day on June 5, 9-12, though the Scouts are not available that day.  David and Elizabeth will bring trash bags. Leslie will arrange to have the parking lot open and get the trash picked up by DPW. 
The Scouts would be willing to help, e.g. spread mulch, another day, but it would have to be soon, while the water is low;  the beach is due to open on June 21 and the Res takes about two weeks to fill.

Open House on  Sunday, June 27, 12-4:
Res Committee should have a table at the Open House, to distribute information and to sign up new members.
Handout items;  Goals;  Res booklet;  reprint recent article from Arlington Advocate describing the project; page 1 from website with Res map, with project area indicated;  possibly materials from upcoming Con Com hearing about the project.

Gene received a letter from the Town Manager complaining that the Res minutes after March were missing from the Town website.  He replied that the Res was not an official Town committee and therefore not required to post minutes, but the Town Counsel seems to think it is required.  This matter is not yet resolved.
The Stratton School will have a project for fifth-graders like the Bishop School last year, with a trip to the Res, on June 2 and is looking for participants from the committee.
Next meeting was scheduled for June 29, not 12 as shown in the April minutes, has now been rescheduled to June 22.

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