April 23, 2003  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Leslie Mayer, Oakes Plimpton, David White. The meeting was facilitated by Leslie Mayer. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next meetings:  Thursday, May 22; Thursday, June 12; all at 7:30 PM., Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room.

Coming Events: 
Tour of Reservoir with the new DPW director, John Sanchez, is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 6 (rain date May 7). 
Reservoir Cleanup: Saturday, May 17, 9 a.m. – noon. Ed Boudrot is coordinator. Elizabeth will bring trash bags left over from what DPW supplied for the last Spy Pond cleanup. This cleanup will be on land only and may include maintenance of planters near the playground. Any volunteer harvesting of water chestnuts should be done after mechanical harvesting.

Reservoir Booklet: 
Ready to go to print; Jane is waiting for last of three bids. It will be distributed to Town Meeting. 
Bird paintings done by the 5th grade students who took the Res tour are now on display at the Fox Library (in the basement); some will also be exhibited at the Herring Run. 
Oakes will call the Town Manager’s secretary to get the paintings exhibited at Town Hall during Town Meeting to bolster further our request for funds to continue the water chestnut cleanup.

Other items: 
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has grants for conservation of priority bird habitats, but they require a 1:1 match, and the Res area may be too small to qualify. It may be better suited for Arlington Great Meadows; David White will pass on the information to the Friends of AGM. 
The Busa case: The Res Committee received a letter from Dan Busa’s lawyer objecting to a letter on the Res website from David Hornstein of Lexington, opposing Busa’s plan to build a mansion on his property between the farm and Munroe Brook. David White has removed the letter from the website. Gene will draft a reply, asking just what statements in the letter Busa finds objectionable (untrue, etc.) and will check it with John Maher. 
The warrant article for weed control needs to be rewritten. We need to have two versions available: one requesting funds for Spy Pond only, if funds for the Res are voted in the capital budget; and one requesting funds for both Spy Pond and the Res, if the latter doesn’t get funds in the capital budget. 
The Vision 2020 year-end event on June 24 will start with a walk around the Res at 5:30 and will probably include a walk around the Reed’s Brook site before a repast at Symmes.


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