March 17, 2003  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, Leslie Mayer, David White. The meeting was facilitated by Gene Benson. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next meetings:  Wednesday, April 23; Thursday, May 22; Thursday, June 12; all at 7:30 PM., Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room.

Reservoir booklet:
Leslie brought the latest version of the booklet, with a new introduction and statements presenting both sides of the question about trees on the dam: vegetation is stabilizing and is used for erosion control, but trees felled by a storm do pose a danger.
Pages 17-18 are now blank; Elizabeth will e-mail her the Res birds list to fill that space.
A statement will be added that the Res has not been used for drinking water since the 1890’s. (There are pipes running from it to the Town gardens and Hornblower Field, but those may not be usable.)
Number to print: 300 for Town Meeting members plus how many? At least Robbins and the school libraries should get copies. Jane will check on printing costs. Copies could be sold, e.g. by Parks & Rec, with perhaps a 50c surcharge to help the maintenance fund.

Weed treatment funding:
Presentation to the Finance Committee was on February 19. It turned out that both the capital plan and the warrant article asked for funding for the Res, and the Fin Com decided that the money should come via the capital plan. If it gets cut from the capital plan, we still need to push for it via the warrant article. (For the Spy Pond part of the article, the Fin Com decided to support it only if there is an override.)

DPW Director:
The new director, Mr. Sanchez, starts March 31 and needs to be familiarized with Res issues. We could introduce ourselves to him by offering him a tour of the Res, and invite him to make a brief visit to our next meeting, which is the day after the Alewife flooding symposium on April 22. Leslie will call him after the April 5 election.
We need to compile a list of Res problems for him. Some Res committee members need to take part if we can get him to tour the Res. Mr. Jalbert, the Recreation director, should be invited too.

Last year the goose fence apparently went up too late to be of much help, so Parks & Rec is asking for permission to put it up earlier this year.
The Town will addle eggs again this year. This must be done by licensed people, not freelancers. But where do geese nest at the Res?  Probably not on the berm; maybe in the cattails or on the farm near the wall.
There has been no news on the border collie front.

Spring cleanup:
A tentative date was set for May 17. Gene will send an e-mail asking for a volunteer to organize it. [Ed Boudrot volunteered.]
This cleanup will be on land only. Manual harvesting of water chestnuts is best done after the mechanical harvesting, to get the stragglers. Gene will ask Roger Frymire about timing.

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