December 16, 2002  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Leslie Mayer, David White.
The meeting was facilitated by Gene Benson. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next meetings: Thursday, January 23; Monday, February 17; Monday, March 17; Wednesday, April 23; Thursday, May 22; Thursday, June 12; all at 7:30 PM., Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room.

Reservoir Brochure is ready to be printed; to be distributed at Town Meeting.

Water Chestnuts / Funding:
Harvesting was initiated by Susan Brent when she chaired the Con Com, has been done for 2 years. Only a few water chestnuts are left around the edges, in shallow water where the mechanical harvester cannot go, but they are likely to come back if not harvested again, and there is no money in the budget for harvesting next summer. 
We need both money for mechanical harvesting and volunteers for hand harvesting around the edges. Mechanical harvesting needs to be done in July, when plants have reached the surface of the water (which is higher in summer), but scheduling needs to be done months in advance.
Leslie will ask Jay Kaufman, who represents several precincts around the Res, about the possibility of getting any grants. Gerry Smith of Aquatic Technologies could also be asked.
The Spy Pond Committee is planning to submit a warrant article asking for weed control funds for Spy Pond. The Res Committee should join it and we should submit a single article asking for funds for both bodies of water. Jane will ask Alan McClennen, who is drafting the warrant article.
Should a nonprofit group (like Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park) be established that could raise tax-deductible funds for the Res? Or would that relieve the Town from feeling responsible for maintenance? 
Parks & Rec has a parks beautification fund to which people can donate. Leslie will investigate whether it is tax deductible and whether it could be used for the Res. If not, perhaps a fund for all open spaces in Arlington should be set up; there should not be competing groups.
Brian Rehrig works for a family foundation which targets places where people can walk. Perhaps this could be a source of funds?
Action plan: (1) Warrant article. (2) Check on ways to get funds. (3) Arrange for manual harvest as needed (perhaps as an Eagle Scout project).

Letter to Selectmen (to be drafted by Gene) about how important Rich Bento’s work was and how much the Town needs an equally qualified replacement. A copy should be sent to Rich Bento. Ed Starr is planning to send a similar letter from the Transportation Committee.
How do we get more people to be involved and come to the meetings? We need a compelling issue.
Having the parking area at the Res open year-round would be desirable but it raises problems. Leaving it open at night would allow dumping in the Res (apparently this has happened in the past). Leaving it open in the daytime only would require sending someone to open and close it daily. DPW lacks staff, police may pass the Res on their regular patrols but it isn’t their job. Parks & Rec is unlikely to get involved unless there is a big public demand.
Trash dumping in Mill Brook: an article in the Advocate could raise the visibility of this problem.
Future meetings: Jane was asked to pick dates based on the availability of rooms. See dates above.

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