November 25, 2002  Meeting Minutes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Ed Boudrot, Bryan Hasbrouck, Elizabeth Karpati, Leslie Mayer, Oakes Plimpton, David White. The meeting was facilitated by Leslie Mayer. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 16: all at 7:30 p.m., Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room

Uncertain future of dam project:
DPW is decimated: Rich Bento is taking early retirement, Mark Shea took an out-of-town job. Theresa DiBenedictis will be acting head of DPW. At least one new person will have to be hired since the town must have an engineer on the DPW staff. (Who will now be in charge of deciding to lower the Res gate when a storm threatens?)
The committee discussed writing a letter to the Selectmen about the need for a professionally qualified head of DPW. Gene agreed to draft a letter. (The letter about plans for the dam than Phil Farrington drafted and the committee reviewed last summer was never sent!)
Arlington was one of the few towns that did anything in response to DEM dam inspections a few years ago. Uncertainty about what stance DEM will take under the new administration on this matter.

What to do while the dam project is on hold:
We should at least keep working on other, smaller goals such as periodic cleanups and keeping an eye on the stump dump to prevent further dumping. Make a list at December meeting.
Some unresolved questions: How much of water flowing into the Res comes from Great Meadows? Does Arlington own a corridor from the Res to Great Meadows? (from Res to to a Lexington Conservation parcel on Lillian Street, per David White.) Does Busa Farm encroach on Arlington-owned land by pushing debris toward Munroe Brook and the Res?
Erosion by water running through woodlot from Lowell St. into Res (also influx of road salt) because the abutting part of Lowell St. that is in Lexington has no curb or storm drain. Could a swale be installed on Arlington-owned land? But curb and sidewalk are needed for safety anyway. Ed will try to prepare a proposal for the December meeting.
Oakes suggested the possibility of selling the Town-owned house on Mt. Gilboa, with conservation restrictions, and using the money to buy the Knowles farm.

Reservoir Brochure:
The AEEF grant to create a tour for art and science education for fifth-graders presented a great opportunity to advance the goals of education and awareness about the Res. Leslie and David White did a brochure which was used for the tour. A revised version is now ready to be published and put on the website. The tour, conducted with the help of local naturalists and some parents, was enjoyed by the students and impressed the parents, some of whom had not known about the Res.

Upcoming meetings:
Next Res meeting: Monday, 12/16 (see above). Agenda: 
List of projects for near future.
Letter to Selectmen about DPW?
Ed’s proposal for Lowell St. 
How to get better attendance.
Gene will ask Jane Howard to pick dates for subsequent meetings when a room is available.
Other meetings of interest: (1) Friends of Arlington Great Meadows: 
Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m., Waldorf School. (2) Solstice walk in Great Meadows: 
Dec. 20, 7 p.m., Waldorf School.

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