September 25, 2002  Meeting Notes

In attendance:   Gene Benson, Ed Boudrot, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Ann LeRoyer, David White. The meeting was facilitated by Gene Benson. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next Meeting: Monday, October 21; Monday, November 25; Monday, December 16: all at 7:30 p.m., Town Hall Annex, First Floor Conference Room

School field trips planned: 
Arlington Center for the Arts is planning a field trip around the Reservoir for fifth graders, October 21 for the Bishop School and October 28 for the Stratton School. 
David brought the draft of the guide for the teachers leading the field trip. The committee discussed it extensively and suggested a number of improvements. The guide could be turned into a booklet (possibly as an Eagle Scout project?) and made available at the Reservoir during the summer. A similar guide could be prepared for Spy Pond. 
There was some discussion about whether it was necessary or worthwhile to put up numbered markers along the Reservoir trail to correspond to the numbered paragraphs in the guide. Markers might make tempting targets for vandals, even if they are posted high on trees.

Cleanup planned for Saturday, September 28: 
Ed posted signs at the Res and also posted it on the Yahoo lists for the Res and Friends of Arlington Great Meadows. Ann will post it on the Arlington Birds and general Arlington lists. 
The cleanup starts at 8:30 but participants can come later. Bring gloves and rakes, trash bags, wheelbarrows, whatever you can. 
DPW has already dumped a load of wood chips near the playground. These will be spread on the trails that are OK to use; the eroding trail along the playground fence will be blocked off, and some of the erosion could be filled in with debris collected from elsewhere.

Town Day Wrapup:
It was successful – lots of people attended.
Vision 2020 was in a terrible spot, opposite the stage and the frequently loud music. Any informative booths should be in a location where questions and answers can be heard.
The streetlights questionnaire got 130 responses: 105 favored the cheaper high pressure sodium lights, 24 voted for metal halides, one was undecided. Several people said they didn’t want lights as bright as those in Arlington Heights.

Plans for Dam: Leslie has received no further information from either Phil Farrington or Rich Bento.

Next meetings were set for Monday, October 21; Monday, November 25; Monday, December 16. 

Topic for October meeting: Our goals and how to reach them. By the November meeting we should have something for the census insert.

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