August 27, 2002  Meeting Notes

In attendance:   Ed Boudrot, Cathy Garnett, Brian Hasbrouck, Jane Howard, Elizabeth Karpati, Leslie Mayer, David White. The meeting was facilitated by Leslie Mayer. The minutes are by Elizabeth Karpati.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 25, 7:30 p.m. (location TBA)

Town Day, September 14
The Open Space Committee asked if we wanted to share their table, but we should stay with the other Vision 2020 environmental committees. Jane will ask to have the Vision 2020, Con Com, and Open Space tables located close together.
Display items: Historical picture of Mill Brook / Satellite photo? / Picture of goose fence on berm? / Anything that Rich Bento got from consultants, e.g. contour map?
Handouts: 2001 handout updated with goals adopted by Town Meeting (Leslie) / Beach brochure / Bird list / Flyer on goose control efforts / History of Reservoir .
Sign-up sheet: Elizabeth will do one for all three environmental committees.
Vision 2020 will have a suggestion box for cost-cutting or revenue-saving ideas.
Board behind table needs signs identifying each committee.

Water chestnuts:
Harvesting is done; there were only about one-fourth as many chestnuts as last year. There are a few stragglers, mostly near the outlet, which should be hand harvested – now or next spring? This could be an Eagle Scout project: David will contact scoutmaster Allen Reedy.
There should be one more complete harvest next year but there is no funding for it (this year’s cost $15,000). Con Com will look for grants.
Cathy suggested that we should have a projects or stewardship subcommittee – could have members who don’t come to the meetings that deal with the dam problem. 
*Agenda item for next meeting.* Poison ivy eradication would be a desirable project but would need permission of Arlington and Lexington Con Coms.

Beach and Geese:
Season tags were sold out in July because of hot weather. 
Beach had to be closed one hot Sunday because water level was low and chlorinating equipment malfunctioned and no one was available to fix it on a weekend.
Positive feedback about fewer geese and the efforts to control them: fence (was vandalized, but replaced); no-feeding signs; high school students hired to chase geese and collect droppings. Parks & Rec should put an article in the "Advocate" about these efforts and their success.
Res path is used by Arlington High School cross-country team. A group is planning a fund-raising walk around the Res.

Lowell Street concerns:
Ed Boudrot lives on Lowell Street on the Arlington/Lexington line, sees construction debris and stumps being dumped along the street beyond the playground (land in Lexington but owned by Arlington). Bad pavement along the street (is Arlington responsible for this pavement?). Steep dropoff from pavement to path along playground; path should be improved. 
We discussed a cleanup and decided on Saturday, Sept. 28. Have sign-up sheet at Town Day; get DPW to pick up trash, and to provide woodchips we can spread on the path.

Work with Consultants:
Our feedback on proposals was sent to Phil Farrington and Rich Bento on July 10; acknowledged by PF but no further response yet; we don’t know whether anything will be presented to Selectmen at their Sept. 9 or Sept.23 meeting. PF plans to include funding for Res work in capital plan.

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