Conservation Commission Approves Test Wells
Public Hearing, January 18, 2001


Mr. Bento and the consultants presented the project which is required in order to remedy problems with the dam at the Arlington Reservoir. Mr. Baril and Mr. Cox described the use of the drill machinery and routes of access. The work is to include approximately 10 borings (9 of which will have observation wells installed) and 5-6 test pits along the embankments and in the beach area. The wells will have flush mounted caps so they will not be an obstruction. The truck used on the beach and its embankment will be tracked, not with wheels, in order to disturb the substrate as little as possible.

The test pits are to determine the presence of non-structural fill along the berm. The pits will be approximately 4-5 feet wide and up to 15 feet deep, characterized immediately and filled back in within the same day.

A spill prevention and clean up plan was included in the Notice of Intent. An absorbant material is brought on site for any spill of oil or gas. Haybales will be brought on site and used when and if necessary.

The consultant also included a very detailed poster of the work to be affixed to an orange WORK AHEAD sign. Mr. White requested locating an additional sign on the path from the fields to the south of the Reservoir.

Ms. Beckwith asked where they anticipated minor clearing of vegetation. Mr. Cox thought that the only location where that might be necessary would be along the embankment to the beach area.

The rigs and machinery will be left on site in the parking area near Lowell Street. The Commission will require that the machines be parked overnight outside of the Buffer Zone.

The work is scheduled to start the week of January 22.

Mr. Roche made a motion to issue an Order of Conditions/Ms. Beckwith seconded the motion. The vote to approve the motion was unanimous.


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