Arlington Great Meadows Questionnaire 

(from the open meeting on 12/l/99)

Please fill out this questionnaire before the evening is over. You may do so before or after the discussion. We want to be sure we have your individual comments as well as the group's. On the other side of this paper is a rough map of Great Meadows. Could you please use it to supplement your comments. You can use numbers to refer to your answers below or to indicate locations and then add extra comments on the side. Thank you.

1. Which town do you live in: Arlington____ Lexington____ Other____ Specify:


2. How many years have you been going to Great Meadows (check the best fit)?

<1 year ___ 1-3 years ___ 3-5 years ___ 5 - 10 years ___ >10 years ___

never ___ if never, explain why.


3. How often do you visit Great Meadows in a year (check the best fit)?

at least once a week_____  2-3 times a month_____  once a month 3-4 x year_____ 

about once a year_____   What is your favorite season to go.


4.  What activities are you most likely to do? 
(indicate relative frequency -- 1 = usually, 2= occasionally ,3 = rarely, if you do not do an activity, leave it blank. )

Walking_____ dog walking_____  mountain biking_____  nature watching_____

jogging_____  leading/taking nature walks_____  other_____  Please describe:


5. Describe 3 things/places which make Great Meadows special/important?:


6. What kind of experience should visitors have when coming to Great Meadows?


7. What are 3 major threats or concerns to Great Meadows which you have observed or know about.


8. What do you think should be the overall goals for the property? List in order of priority:


9. Name 3 priority objectives/recommendations for the management of Great Meadows.


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