Chestnut Harvesting - Summer 2000

In August 2000 the contractor hired by the Conservation Commission cleared one-half of the Res for the first year of a multi-year water chestnut removal program.  

From the Conservation Commission:  We received many questions at Town Day about why the Weed Harvesting covered only half of the Res. As everyone knows, half of the Res is in Arlington and half in Lexington. The Arlington Con Com had been speaking with Gerry Smith about his Aquatic Technologies company harvesting the water chestnuts in the Res. We were under the impression that he would not be able to fit us in this year. Then, in August, he called to say that he could fit us a few weeks later, and we were able to squeeze the permitting in at the last minute to allow him to do the job when he could. 

Unfortunately, time did not allow him to get the necessary permits and funding from Lexington.  I believe that in the past (prior to my joining the Commission) Arlington had solicited Lexington to get Lexington to share the cost for harvesting the entire Res., but to no avail.  If this year's harvesting was the first of several years (Susan knows but is away), then Lexington would have the opportunity to participate in upcoming years.

Even though only half the Res. was harvested, and aesthetics aside, any amount of harvesting will help reduce the number of plants that will be available to provide seeds for next year's crop.  Nathaniel Stevens for the Conservation Commission.

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